A perfect day

A perfect day

There are a lot of activities at Camping Isábena that you need to try during your stay here in your holidays. Here’s a typical routine of a day a the camping site:

During summer, when it’s really hot in the day, the only thing that helps is to jump into the refreshing swimming pool. Some days you are more adventurous than others but still want to cool down, then you can go to one of the nearby water places. My favorite water place is not that far from the camping site. You leave the camping and turn right, following the A1605 in direction to Graus and passing the road that goes up to Roda. After approximately 250 more meters you’ll reach a gravel ground on the left side where you can park the car. From here you walk down on the right side until you reach the Romanic bridge. You can fully enjoy nature here; the big and flat rocks are perfect for sunbathing while you listen to the relaxing sound of the water. Here’s a tip: if you have sensitive feet take some water shoes with you, then you can easily walk in the river.

Coming back from the water place some serious excitement awaits you: helicopter flights are one of the most exclusive offers from the camping site. While the helicopter is carefully checked before every flight the excitement rises. Shortly before you take off your heart will jump into your throat and then you’ll suddenly be up in the air seeing the camping site and the mountains from above. If the weather is good you’ll have an amazing view of the Pyrenees. Michael, the pilot and son of the camping site owner Pepe Badía backs up your visual impressions with interesting facts about the villages and mountains. If you’re lucky you can see the Aneto with its particular summit, the highest mountain of the Pyrenees. At the moment that you’re back down on earth you’ll wish to take off again immediately!

Tired from an eventful day you definitely need some relaxation during your holidays. Let’s go to the wellness area! First you can relax in the whirlpool and what’s special is that you can enjoy an amazing view of the mountains while you’re in there. Afterwards you can get a massage and then deep relaxation is guaranteed.

When temperature drops in the evening you can visit the bar and restaurant. With a glass of red wine you can enjoy daily changing meals like the homemade paella or the tapas nights with lots of different Spanish specialties. Here you’ll get together with other international guests and often meet some new and interesting people. A nice ending for a perfect day!