Barasona lake

Barasona lake

The lake of endless possibilities

On hot summer days it is a 100% sure for all people that they are going to freshen up in the water. There’s a big swimming pool at the camping site and in the surroundings there are many swimming spots from the Isábena river. Behind Graus, the closest city, there’s a big lake called Embalse de Barasona, which besides the wonderful water also offers many other activities. A day spent at the lake of Graus is a must during a stay a the camping site.

But first let us start with how to get there, the best option is to take the car. For this you choose the same route to get to Graus as described in the blog post “enjoying Graus”, but instead of entering Graus you drive a little bit further and after a while on the left side you will see the blue water of the lake into which the rivers Isábena and Ésera flow. There are some spots where you can go to the water, I suggest the “costa oeste”, there you can park your car next to the street and you’ll be right next to the lake. Here’s also a bar with some good music and good and fast food with refreshing drinks.

The size of the lake changes depending on the water level. If the lake is filled with water because of rainfalls a big part of the shore is flooded. During a dry summer the shore starts in the middle of the lake and so there’s a big place with grass where you can go and relax on your towel. Even though the bar offers some snacks, it is always a good idea to take your own pic-nic and enjoy it in the shadow of the trees. Relaxing, enjoying the sun and freshening up in the lake, that’s the perfect day at the lake of Barasona.

But that’s not all yet: at the “costa oeste” many fun activities are offered. There’s also a mini golf court and a small kart track and some water activities that you can do. You can rent yellow pedal boats with a slide at the shore, this is the more exhausting alternative of exploring the lake but it is really fun when you go with a group. Now and then you can stop and observe the surroundings from another perspective or simply jump into the water. The view of the mountains around the lake and of the Turbón is really worth it. A really special experience is riding on the banana boat. Everyone of big group sits one behind another on a boat that because of ist form and colour resembles a banana. A motor boat pulls the banana and all the people on it across the water in sudden movements and sharp bends. The rule is holding tight and trying to not fall down! For me this is always really exciting, speeding across the water and yelling until finally somebody falls into the water. Fun is definitely guaranteed!