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17. January 2018
Barasona lake
12. March 2018

The traditional music nights at the camping site sure are a highlight of every visit there; during the high season they take place every Saturday at the bar of the camping site.

Apart from the melodic harp playing and singing of the owner Pepe, every visitor is invited to contribute with a performance. During the day you can already hear how the visitors prepare themselves for the music night, in the quiet of the midday heat the sounds of different instruments get mixed with singing because there is some practicing going on. The anticipation rises!

The best is planning to eat dinner at the restaurant when there is a music night, this way you’ll have a seat saved for the performances and you won’t miss how the terrace slowly changes into a stage. Anna Badía, a trained hotel administrator, skillfully creates exotic cocktails that perfectly go along with the evening; but also the homemade sangria harmonizes great with the Spanish flair, it is served in a big jug and great for sharing. When all the menus are finished the tables are moved so that there is enough space for the performances. You should absolutely make a reservation because the restaurant is well visited during the summer.

Then the music night slowly starts, firstly Pepe with his guitar and son Michi on the piano present a selection of Spanish songs and after a short while you can sing along with them; a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere starts to spread. Pepe also plays the harp in an enchanting way, which invites us to dream a little. Then it’s the turn of the audience, no matter if big or small, it is surprising how much talent and creativity meet during these evenings. It is not important how professional the performance is, the get-together and the individuality of each performance stand in first place. Regular guests bring their own instruments and also think about what they want to play for the other guests even before starting their holidays. The performances go from guitar solos and choreographies to singing together and depending on the performance the atmosphere goes from sentimental to joyful. Most of the times the music nights end very late and they are so well known in the surroundings that even people from Roda de Isábena come to dance along the music. All this makes these evenings very special and creates an unforgettable atmosphere that surrounds the whole camping site.