All around the camping site: the Isábena valley
29. December 2017
When music surrounds the camping site
13. February 2018

About 28 kilometers away from the camping site you will find the municipality of Graus, the capital of the Ribagorza district. It is the closest bigger city and possible to reach by car in approximately 30 minutes. Just the drive there is already really beautiful and not at all complicated. The highway A-1605 leads directly from the camping site to the city. The majority of it runs along the Isábena river and around there’s a great scenery: sometimes there are big rock walls along the road, sometimes you can have a look over vast fields. Enjoy this special landscape and the view during the drive!

During holidays at the camping site the petrol station situated closely to it and halfway to Serraduy is perfect for a small purchase. The old shop next to the petrol station offers you all basic foods. For everything else it is worth to visit Graus. Here you have the option of getting fresh fruits and vegetables and also many Spanish specialties at the market. Spanish markets are something really special. They are fascinating because of their unique charm and are filled with extraordinary smells and liveliness. In Graus there’s also a big supermarket where you can find all kind of food. You can buy clothes at the market or in the little shops. In the shop called “Ferretería” that you can find in every Spanish city there’s all kind of equipment that may be missing for camping holidays, like gas cookers or penknives.

Every year Graus is the spot for a spectacular event. The people of Graus have been celebrating the “Día de la longaniza” every year since 1991. Translated this means “Day of the longaniza”. Longaniza is the name for the most popular and delicious sausage in Aragon. This city celebrates it by preparing the gigantic longaniza during the festivities by experienced butchers, roasting it and finally giving it to locals and tourists. In 1997 the city of Graus appeared in the Guinness book of records for making the world’s longest sausage that was almost 500 meters long. Apart of this celebration there’s also a craft market with many beautiful leather products and delicious Spanish specialties. If you are in the city during the festivities they are really worth a visit. Not only tasting the longaniza is a must, the big event with the gigantic grill and the amazed viewers is a sensation that you won’t experience everyday!