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Explore the diversity of the Pyrenees from our Isabena Valley! Stroll through the many historical places, experience action fun with the family during rafting, Canyoning or discover the untouched nature of the Spanish Pyrenees by hiking. We support you in your planing!

We hope to give you a good overview with our map. Use the map pins to quickly and easily find out more about each activity or attraction. Have fun by exploring!

Excursions & Nationalparks

Nationalpark of Ordersa - A hiking paradise in the heart of the Pyrenees

Craggy cliffs, narrow gorges, meadows full of flowers, impressive waterfalls and picturesque beech forests are expecting us

Alquezar - Stroll through medieval alleys

Alquézar is an originally Arabic place with picturesque alleys that invites us to stroll and hike through the impressive canyon of the Vero river.

The Mont-Rebei gorge - Impressive canyons

Red rock faces and emerald green water in between them, we hike along the gorge or paddle through the narrow cleft.

Nationalpark Aigüestortes - awesome mountains, clear creeks and lakes

Green meadows, crystal clear creeks and idyllic lakes in between of steep rocks

Nationalpark Ordesa an impressive landscape in Aragon

Nationalpark Ordesa

Alquezar - beautiful old traditional village in the province Huesca


Kayaking and hiking adventure at the Mont-Rebei gorge.

Mont-Rebei gorge

Hiking paradise in the Spanish Pyrenees - the Nationalpark Aiguestortes

Nationalpark Aiguestortes

Taüll - Valle de Boí - Picturesque towns and Romanic churches

You will find the finest Romanic art and medieval frescoes in Taüll

Benasque - Aneto. A pretty mountain village that lies at the foot of the highest mountain in the Pyrenees

A charming hike to the Forrau de Aiguallut (a Waterfall that disappears) below the snow-covered peak of the Aneto.

Zaragoza - The lively capital of Aragon: Culture, history and a pilgrimage stop

Romanic tracks, Arabic palaces, incredible churches and a really modern city center, all that and more is Zaragoza.

The shrine of Torreciudad - An impressive building with a view over the El Grado reservoir.

Torreciudad was built by iniciative of saint Josemaría Escrivá, it was possible because of the work of the Opus Dei members.

Valle de Boí - Picturesque towns and Romanic churches

Valle de Boí

Benasque and Aneto the highest mountain of the Pyrenees.

Benasque and Aneto

Torrecuidad a impressive building surrounded by beautiful landscape.


Zaragoza - the capital of Aragon in Spain


Sport activites in the Spanish Pyrenees

Paragliding - Paragliding is another highlight from the Spanish Pyrenees

In the small city of Castejón de Sos you can experience the adventure of flying by doing a tandem jump. Many international competitions have taken place here.

The Pyrenees are a climbing paradise

Those who enjoy climbing will get their money worth in the Pyrenees. You can find everything here, from easy and difficult vias ferratas up to challenging climbs.

Enjoy nature on top of a horse

Guided horse rides for beginners and experienced horse riders along the Isábena river and through a beautiful landscape. A great holiday experience for horse lovers.

Bikers will also get their money worth

Our valley offers great mountain bike tours for everybody, from numerous gravel roads up to difficult single trails. With pleasure we will help you to plan a tour with cards and information about them.

The Spanish Pyrenees are a climbing paradise.
Mountainbike fun in the Isabena valley.
Horseback riding in Huesca, Spain.
Paragliding in Castejon de Sos, Aragon.

Hiking is probably the best and most easy way to get to know and enjoy nature

The Spanisch Pyrenees have an extremely branched network of signposted hiking trails. We will help you to plan everything!

We have good maps on site and we have put together a hiking book with great routes. All GPX tracks can be find on Komoot

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Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees.


Canyoning - A fascinating adventure for the whole family

Descending into deep and enormous canyons and impressively beauty gorges. We are always guided by specialists and wearing the right equipment (helmet, safety belt and a wet suit)

Rafting - Wild water fun for big and small

We paddle down the wild Esera river together as a team.

Wakeboard / Banana boat riding - fun for the whole family

You can try different activities like wakeboarding, canoeing and riding a banana boat in the Barasona reservoir .

Adventure sports holidays in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Wakeboard Barasona active holidays
Rafting fun during the family holidays in Spain.
Rafting fun during the family holidays in Spain.